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CDI stands for Concours de Dressage International (International Dressage Event) and recognized by the world governing body of equestrian sports, the Fédération Equestre Internationale (F.E.I.).

The event is run entirely in accordance with international rules and regulations for equestrian sports, veterinary conditions and international dressage events. As a result, a number of matters are handled differently when compared with most competitions organized under national rules.

A few of these may be of general interest:

Riders have to present their horses at the "trot-up" the day before the event. This is when one or more members of the "Ground Jury" (officiating judges) and the Veterinary Delegate "identify" participating horses against their passports or other official identification papers and check their general soundness, or fitness to compete.

The "draw", i.e. the determination of when individual horse/rider combinations will actually start in a competition, is made only the evening before, rather than after entries have closed. This adds to the tension of the event (mainly for the riders) and, of course, makes it impossible to show starting times in advance of the show.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CDI 2*?

CDI 2* - Three FEI Judges. Along with the Small Tour the CDI can offer competitions up to the Grand Prix level. The Grand Prix Special and Grand Prix Freestyle are not allowed. Scores can be used for Pan Am Qualification at the Small Tour -  Prix St Georges, Intermediate I level. 

What is a CDI AM?

A CDI AM is for Amateur riders only. 


Do I need an FEI Passport?

No, unless you have declared and are trying to qualify for the Pan Am Games.

What about me? I'm a gold rider. How do I benefit?


Every CDI means a panel of FEI judges must be hired. Those FEI Judges judge the Gold classes too, so this means that you will be able to ride with International FEI judges, which is a great way to get feedback and input into your riding. 

What about me? I'm a dressage enthusiast. How do I benefit?


Watching a CDI is special. You will have the opportunity to watch a CDI at home and be able to cheer for our Alberta athletes. We are also planning special events for all and a great shopping venue. 


How can I volunteer?


Tilted Tiara cannot do this alone. We will be recruiting for volunteers, from the show committee to scribes, to show day volunteers - will need lots of volunteers. You can be part of a team to make this happen. If you would like to volunteer please send us an email through the Contact Us page.


What about me? I have been riding at the FEI level but I am not ready for the Pan Am Games.


You will not need an FEI passport to compete unless you have declared for the Pan Am Games. You will be able to enter the CDI and compete at the Prix St George, Intermediate I, Intermediate A, B, II and Grand Prix Levels. A special CDI division will be open to Amateur Riders only.

This is a great opportunity to compete under International rules for the first time. 

I am declaring for the Pan American Games. How will this CDI help me?

The CDI 2* is being run during the qualification period, and you can earn qualifying scores at the Prix St Georges and Intermeidate I level (Small Tour).

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