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Dressage @ RMSJ $10,000 Championship Series

A points-based championship series that allows competitors to accumulate points throughout the four GOLD LEVEL shows offered by Tilted Tiara and CA-ADA throughout the summer, hosted at Rocky Mountain Show Jumping.


The premise of this series is to offer meaningful prize money to competitors as a reward for their consistent and loyal support of the Calgary-based dressage competitions. The competitor with the most cumulative points from the season will be awarded the prize money at the end of the last Calgary-based competition hosted by CA-ADA, September 1-3, 2023.

The points-based system will be structured as follows: points awarded for the top three scores in each level and division (JR and AA will be combined). Points will be awarded based on a rider's top two scores/placings from each competition.

Placing Points

First 50

Second 30

Third 20

Level : Division

Training : JR/AA / Open

First : JR/AA / Open

Second : JR/AA / Open

Third : JR/AA / Open

Fourth : JR/AA / Open

FEI Small Tour (PSG & Int I) : JR/AA / Open

FEI Medium Tour (Int A, B, II) : JR/AA / Open

FEI Grand Prix (U25, GP, GPS) : JR/AA / Open

FEI Youth (Children, Pony Junior, Young Rider) : FEI Youth

Prize Money will be awarded to the top points earner, in each level and division, at the end of the season:


GOLD CLASSES (Training through Fourth) - $500




To be eligible for the year-end award and prize money, the rider must have competed in three out of four qualifying Gold shows hosted at RMSJ. The rider with the most cumulative points at the end of the season will be awarded. Points must be earned at the same level, by the same horse/rider combination throughout the duration of the season and cannot be rolled over to a different level.


Test of Choice (TOC) tests are eligible for points.

Freestyle tests are not eligible for points.


In the case of a tie, the rider with the highest average from tests included in their point accumulation for the championship series will break the tie.

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