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Road Hack is a hack class where the riders are asked to show their horses at the walk, trot, road trot (strong trot), canter, and hand gallop. The ideal road hack horse is a calm, yet forward horse that is capable of travelling long distances with minimal effort. He/she should have a pleasant attitude, yet look as though he has the energy to keep a brisk pace for an extended time. The judge will be looking for a horse who is not spooky or silly and who looks comfortable to ride. Not only will the basic walk, trot and canter be judged, but you might be asked for a working trot or a hand gallop. A working trot is a strong, forward trot that covers a lot of ground without being rushed. The hand gallop is executed in a two-point or half-seat where the horse is asked to gallop forward in a controlled manner so that it covers the maximum ground with minimal effort.

Points from the road hack class count towards the Triple Crown.

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