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Thank you Sponsors

We take pride in standing behind and recommending our sponsors' products and services. Our gratitude goes out to the many sponsors who support our shows season after season. We promise to do everything in our power to help promote your goods and services. 

Tilted Tiara is back and better than ever, hosting their annual Dressage Shows at Rocky Mountain Show Jumping in Calgary, AB. Last year, Tilted Tiara's revamped website drew in over 2,000 unique visitors, representing a 100% increase in traffic. Regular posts on Facebook and Instagram reached an additional 800+ followers, while show entries surged by 40% compared to the previous year. Competitors from BC, the USA, and all regions in Alberta participated in their events, making the Tilted Tiara shows a must-attend occasion for dressage enthusiasts in Alberta, BC, and the Western US.

If you are interested in sponsorship, please contact
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