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Get ready to witness the equestrian extravaganza of the season – it's the Terrific Classic and the Terrfic Classic Mini at the May Show! Brace yourselves for a spectacle that combines the grace of dressage with the thrill of jumping, all in one unforgettable event. This isn't your typical horse show; it's a unique challenge where riders will put their trusty steeds to the test in not one but two rings!​


In phase 1, riders will dazzle the crowd with a custom dressage test in the upper ring. Picture this: walk, trot, canter, lengthening, and leg yields/half-passes, all choreographed into a short and sweet routine. But that's not all – for those feeling a bit extra, there are optional movements that could earn you some bonus points. It's not just about the routine; it's about adding that personal touch of flair!​ As the applause for the dressage fades, the real excitement kicks in for phase 2 – the jumping round. Hold onto your riding hats because, in this arena, it's all about maximum points while keeping those jumps standing tall at 2'. And here's the twist – the more daring, the better! Want those extra points? Take on the challenge of jumping higher obstacles, turning your round into a jaw-dropping display of skill and courage.​But here's the catch – competitors must ride the same horse in both phases. It's the ultimate test of versatility and partnership between rider and horse. The stakes are high, the jumps are set, and the Terrific Classic promises an afternoon of thrills, spills, and unforgettable moments.


So, saddle up, and let the show begin!​


$2,000 in prize money will be allocated to the top ten riders in the Terrific Classic.​ New in 2024, the ADA Youth Development Group is sponsoring a Terrific Classic Mini for Junior Riders competing at Tilted Tiara at the Introductory/Training Level. There is $200 in Prize Money for the top four riders in the Mini.​


The presentation and prize money will be awarded at Goby's Grill after the Terrific Classic Class. All horse show participants and sponsors are invited to the medal presentations and celebration.

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