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The Tilted Tiara Terrific Classic is Friday afternoon at the August Show. Riders will ride a dressage test in the upper ring. Immediately following the dressage test, the rider will enter the jumper ring and ride a jumper round. Competitors must use the same horse in both phases.


In phase 1 of the class, a short custom dressage test will be ridden with walk, trot, canter, lengthening, and leg yields/half-passes. There are optional movements for extra points.


In phase 2 of the competition (the jumping round), scoring is based on "match the clock" while minimizing knockdowns. Jumps will be set at 2'. Similar to the dressage test, extra points can be earned by more difficulty - jumping higher jumps.

$2,500 to be allocated to the top 10 riders, as follows:

1st - $650

2nd - $400

3rd - $300

4th  - $250

5th - $200

6th - $200

7th - $175

8th - $175

9th - $150

10th - $150


The medal presentation and prize money will be awarded at Goby's Grill after the Terrific Classic Class. All horse show participants and sponsors are invited to the medal presentations and celebration on Friday evening.

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