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Triple Crown! This ain't your average horseplay; it's a dazzling showdown where elegance meets fun. The challenge? Compete in wild and wacky Wild Rose classes: Chicken Dunk, Costume Class, Equitation, and Pole Bending. And of course, shine in your two best Dressage Tests to rack up the highest points possible.


Whoever comes out on top gets the coveted Tilted Tiara Triple Crown Cup.

Remember, it's all about the placings, so the horse with the most points gets the sweetest prize! And that's not all! The winner also gets the coveted Tilted Tiara Triple Crown Cup to show off to all the barn buddies. So, saddle up and let the games begin!

And because we believe in adding a dash of extra fun, there's prize money up for grabs too! Each wild and wonderful fun class comes with a chance to snag $50 of cold, hard cash. So, saddle up, don your tiaras, and let the games begin – the Tilted Tiara Triple Crown awaits, where the stakes are high, the competition is fierce, and the fun is off the charts!

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